Writing Fireworks

Drawing Pixels. Catching Breath. Writing You.

The Problem With Magic

You are going about and suddenly the cloth gets pulled below your feet. The magician did his job so well that you find yourself still standing like the others. Seems nothing changed. But all of you know something did. You just don’t know what. And nobody dares look down. Even if everybody feels the harder surface.


The Reason Why I Couldn’t Tell You










There it is on the table.

You can take it or throw it all away. 

You can keep it. 

Or love it back. 

My heart is yours.

The Morning After Love

There will be bloodshot eyes and empty bottles. Blank walls with nails of photographs that used to hang there. There would be shadows of a love you will try hard to ignore. Even after the sun has set and the shadows are everywhere. Rooms would be quite a little more spacious and a lot more quiet except for the clinking broken pieces that used to be a heart.

Love Circles

Believe me when I say I tried. Believe me, I cannot forget you.

Teach me. Please teach me how.
Tell me when to make a forward move.

You make it so hard.

Just when I’m almost there, you pull me back to you.

In no time I’m back to where I started.

Which is where I wanted to be. In the first place.





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