That Moment While Waiting for His Reply

by A Writer

How come you’ve grown too silent? Maybe you’re growing irritated with my long BBMs and late night bothering… But you told me they were fine… I made you swear to tell me when you don’t want getting bothered by me anymore. You told me it would never happen. But okay, you’d tell me when you don’t want being bothered by me anymore.

Maybe she’s near you and you can’t answer back… You’d hide that red blinking light from her, knowing it is me. And you would read it when you’re on your own. Relishing my every word. Looking at my photo. You know, coz you miss me so much it hurts.

Maybe you’re falling in love with me too. It hurts you physically that you can’t be with me every minute of every day. And it hurts you too that I am with him and you cannot do a single thing about it. But you can’t help it. You care for me so much you need to distance yourself for a while. Or maybe for a long time. Until you could bear to look at me again without wanting to touch me.

I know I am going to send you another BBM letting you know how much I miss you tonight and that I hope you’re okay. And maybe you would not answer back just the same.

Maybe. Pretty surely maybe, you just don’t care anymore.

There’s that blinking red light again. Damn.